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Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.
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Event Management Event management is a diverse business sector and career field - ranging from venues, to transportation, food, attendee service and engagement, to programs and greening the environmental impact.

Event Services Event services start with planning and end with results! Learn more about planning, promotion, programs, and people in our event services articles.
Meeting Planning
Membership Meetings
Green Meetings
Name badges
Badge Holders
Clean Energy
Energy Reduction
Waste Reduction
Travel Reduction
Program Planning
Event Promotion
Venue Selection
Sustainability Messages
Event Businesses
Grants & Programs
Green Venues
Community Events
Online Event Registration
Green event management
Green Certification Programs
Green Lodging
Online Conference Management
Online Registration
Event Marketing Event marketing includes event revenue models as well as sponsorship relations, promotion and attendee services.
Ticket Sales
Health Precautions
Event Ideas Event ideas help organizers plan productive programs, exciting venues and attendee engagement
Singles Mixers Singles mixers help singles of all ages meet local men and women for friendship and dating.
Accreditations Accreditations and certification programs establish best practices and standards for critical systems such as professional services, regulated products and services, professional systems and dangerous substances.
Advertising for Green Branding Advertising for green branding starts with design. Add to great products and service a dash of sincere customer service and a complete system for personal integrity of your customers -- that's green branding.
Cause Marketing Cause marketing strategies combine private and public or nonprofit missions and resources to enhance social impact for shared issues such as environmental or social change.
Certifications Certifications document achievement in knowledge and skill for professionals, or product efficacy for green products, or efficiency or standards achievement in processes. Many certification programs can enhance operations and product trustworthiness in the eyes of consumers, customers and stakeholders.
Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategy for large companies that includes environmental, social and economic development components for governance and stakeholder relations.
Customer Standards for Green Marketing Customer standards for green marketing include quality customer service, quality results and social responsibility during production and waste management. And customer demands are getting more intense as they become more educated about environmental health and climate risk management.
Green Direct Mail Can direct mail be green? Maybe, with clean mailing lists, minimal size, quality goods and services that are being marketed, and respect for consumer interests.
Distribution with Green Standards Distribution with green standards bridges green manufacturing with smart logistics to optimize effectiveness with minimal climate and environmental impact. Software and networks of supply chains can make distribution greener.
Eco-labeling Eco-labeling must meet compliance regulations by federal agencies (EPA, FTC, DOE, etc) for green messaging terminology, verifiable measurements, ingredients and approved usage. Greenwashing uses questionable terms, emotional appeals and invalid comparisons, etc.
Green Education Green education includes environmental knowledge as well as systems thinking skills to identify, use and create more sustainable systems in both business and personal sectors.
End of Life / Take Back End of life takeback program management systems take products back from the user and manage the recycling of reusable materials and manages end of life diversion of hazardous materials.
Green Energy Green energy is more about walking, biking and reduction than it's about renewable generation of energy that heats up the surface of the earth and our environment. Green energy redefines product design, distribution and user behaviors.
Environmental Education Environmental education is a lifelong pursuit of understand how to live in harmony with natural cycles and natural systems. We depend on the environment for life... it's that simple.
Environmental Standards Environmental standards can be a combination of internal policies for operations and supply chain purchasing -- as well as mandatory and voluntary compliance with certification programs or governmental regulations.
EPA Certifications EPA certifications center of voluntary and mandatory regulations of air, water and soil quality, such as lead, ozone, drinking water and regional natural resources system health.
Entrepreneurs & Micro Business Marketing Entrepreneurs & Micro Business Marketing starts with the validity of the product or service, continues with sales, and then is refined with promotion. We help you find solutions small business marketing strategies.
Finance Sustainable finance is changing with online microfinance supplementing angel investors and government incentive and loan programs. The old strategy of selling to finance growth still works, too. We help you identify ideas and resources for financial strategy that fits today's marketplace.
Green Manufacturing Green manufacturing optimizes materials sourcing, transportation, operations, packaging and take back policies to minimize impact on natural systems and social sustainability.
FSC Certified FSC certified wood products are researched and audited by the The Forest Stewardship Council for professional forest management practices, and a sustainable chain of custody that reduces impact on natural resources.
FTC regulations of Environmental Marketing FTC regulations of environmental marketing include advertising, public relations and product labeling standards that include transparency of ingredients, claims, typical results, and toxic elements, among other "green guidelines".
Going Green Going green(er) starts with first, simple steps and grows as observation ranks the opportunities that can reduce waste, improve health and safety, and improve living and working spaces.
Governance Governance for greener and more sustainable companies and communities has become a global challenge with global supply chains, transportation impacts, global corporations and United Nations mandates and treaties.
Green Communications / Education Green communications for lifetime education provides specific product and service education, as well as systems with embedded information that improve sourcing, using and end of life reclamation of materials to reduce impact on natural resources.
Green Business Cards Business cards are a staple marcom tool that provide essential information for purchasing and partnering with acquaintances.
Green Business Certification Green business certification is an auditing and standards marketing and communications strategy offered by a variety of governmental, trade associations, private companies, and nonprofit organizations who help businesses improve their operational systems, communicate green messages and maintain green and sustainability standards. Quality and transparency vary.
Green Business Conferences & Shows Green Business Conferences & Shows provide opportunities to connect buyers and sellers who need to meet face to face and exchange information, tips and solution strategies.
Green Company Directory provides a broad company directory for green, sustainable and high performance solutions that preserve, restore or improve our climate, communities and business environment.
Green Business Ideas Green business ideas involve not only products and services, but new business models, cultural and social outreach, and melding of public and private missions and solutions through collaborative partnering.
Green Business Networks Green business networks through formal groups and informal buddies meeting to share resources are a prime marketing strategy for today's social media environment... and it's greener than sending out lots of anonymous mailings!
Green Business Practices Green business practices include operational efficiency, distribution optimization, social responsibility, and product and service design that provides bottom line benefits to stakeholders from employees to customers to biodiverse species. It's complicated!
Green Chemistry Green chemistry is a budding solution to reduce toxic chemicals in healthcare, manufacturing and operations that emit greenhouse gases, air pollutant and affect health for millions of people. It is both a marketplace issue and a regulatory issue for the chemical industry that does not require vetting of new chemicals put onto the market.
Green Media Green Media provide trade and consumer specificity about problems and solutions both from product production to end of life. Green media also tells the stories of innovation, cautionary tales, point out solutions and compliance issues specific to environmental and social sustainability.
Green Packaging Green packaging is part of green product design, waste management, compliance, and greener logistics. Design, materials selection and manufacturing processes all combine to reduce impact on environment... and thus, our health and well-being.
Green Product Certification Green product certification requires documented information about origin of raw materials, processing, toxic materials, recyclable materials, proper labeling and updated specifications information. Many organizations offer specialized green product certification programs.
Sustainable and Green Health Sustainable and greenhealth starts long before a person buys services from the health care system. In includes good food, clean water, exercise, healthy relationships and a clean environment.
Internal Marketing of Green Internal marketing is about focusing attention on change that will benefit the members of a community -- and the organization. Internal marketing success takes messaging, strategy, and value.
International Trade & Green Marketing International trade & green marketing require meeting regional, national and cultural standards such as Rohs, ISO and language localization to be effective green marketing that improves environmental and social sustainability.
Trends Trends in green marketing include regulatory compliance, marketplace competition and consumer demands. We help you identify key trends.
Internet Marketing for Green Products Internet marketing for green products presents a conundrum, information can travel with a low footprint, but not heavy products. That's the green marketing challenge... balance value to the environment with the cost to the environment.
Job Creation with Green Marketing Job creation with green marketing can take many forms -- outsourcing, insourcing, cooperatives, licensing, local investment... and support of sustainable companies for a more sustainable community.
Labeling Labeling of products has become more complex and necessary with distant logistics and multi-language marketplaces. Certifications, ingredients, and end of life are recent additions to voluntary and mandatory product labeling.
Lifecycle Assessment Lifecycle assessment (LCA) helps inform decisious through including human health and environmental impacts of products, processes and activities that affect the life support system for all species.
Low Cost Green Marketing Low cost green marketing starts with excellent customer solutions that are wanted, desired, and enthusiastically sought! Nothing... nothing is less expensive that the perfect match for your customer's repeat needs and wants!
Management of Green Marketing Management of Green Marketing includes conventional sales, strategy, communications, and distribution -- but with a heart of environmental sustainability that reduces impact on the community and provides more value than the natural resources consumed. Then throw in some governmental compliance challenges!
Green Marketing Communications Green marketing communications starts with strategy such as a values proposition, and supports that unique organizational value with messaging, outreach, and processing feedback from the field to build business connections and better relationships in the marketplace, in the supply chain and the stakeholders around the business.
Green Marketing Strategy Green marketing strategy supports the 3 legs of sustainability: people, profit and planet with processes, design and distribution improvements that reduce impact and increase value for sustaining life. It's more and more about survival.
Messaging for Green Marketing Matching the right message for the right person at the right time is a challenge. Green marketing is a balance of motivation, credibility, results and value -- but in what order and what balance? Learn more here!
Mom & Pop Local Green Marketing Mom & Pop businesses, or local green marketing is heavily concentrated in retail and service businesses that require eye to eye contact. Local sustainable communities require a healthy small business marketplace to provide basic necessities and to weave the community together.
Green Marketing for New Products Green marketing for new products starts with quality, environmentally conscious design, materials, and distribution that maintain social and environmental standards for natural resources protection and restoration,
Green Marketing for Operations Green marketing for operations includes green and sustainable training for staff members, inclusion of green purchasing policies in procurement, and messaging that shows the committment of a company throughout the operational and distribution system.
Sustainable and Green Packaging Sustainable and green packaging techniques include materials selection, minimal packaging for the application, weight reduction, size reduction, and reuse functionality. Packaging creates tremendous waste and risk management should include packaging reviews for sustainable business practices.
Green Packaging Green packaging has become a global issue because of paper use that destroys essential forests, and plastic pollutants that are destroying ocean ecosystems. Alternatives in packaging, distribution and optimized manufacturing will be required to make progress in the huge packaging industry.
Sustainable Packaging Design Sustainable packaging design combines materials science, design innovation, reduced production and operations, as well as recyclability and take back programs to reduce impact on the environment and reduce lifecycle energy use.
Paper Sourcing Paper sourcing from virgin or recycled content is a major environmental issue that affects climate change being impacted by forest reduction, harsh chemicals in manufacturing, transportation, waste and pollution, as well as social justice.
Partnering for Green and Sustainable Business Partnering for green and sustainable business strategies creates more sustainable communities with information embedded in every product to provide informed decision-making solutions.
Podcasting for Green Messaging Podcasting for Green Messaging in video and audio can spread the stories of green solutions to new groups of people in a diverse world -- and marketplace. Melting technology with stories, podcasting can change behaviors and value in ways that the written word or local retailing can't.
Pollution Prevention for Green Community Pollution prevention for green communities depends on prevention, and that depends on systems that are easy to use and provide real solutions. Successful public health pollution prevention systems include recycling, irrigation control and public transportation.
Product Authentication & Tracking Product authentication & tracking become necessary with distant production and distribution that separates suppliers from their market -- the people who are affected by product quality. Recent episodes of pollutants and bacteria indicate the scale of the problem that requires high tech solutions.
Green Product Design Green product design includes minimizing raw materials, reducing emissions, improving end of life recycling, and restoration of natural systems such as clean water and air.
Green Promotion Green Promotion is getting the word out in non-polluting ways that respect the community's rights and offers them a positive way to participate in their community.
Regulations and Laws for Green, Environmental & Ethics Regulations and laws for green, environmental and health issues frequently starts with voluntary improvements and measurement, and continues with a phased in mandatory compliance with stricter measurement, reporting and fine structure.
Green Retail Green retail sales and marketing differentiates products and services by their long term outcomes and short term health and sustainability. Green marketing communicates and green sales delivery better solutions.
Sales Promotion of Green Products and Services Sales Promotion of Green Products and Services includes marketing communications tools such as websites, social media, contracts, instructions and a sales team who can answer questions, recommend, and solve problems.
Stakeholders Stakeholders are all the diverse living systems that are impacted by a change. That includes owners, employees, vendors, customers, even wildlife, insects and trees. Life is a fragile web that depends on interdependent stakeholders.
Standards Standards for product and services can earn certification through meeting voluntary or mandatory compliance regulations, trade association standards, or scientific research and measurement standards.
Startup Green Marketing Startup Green Marketing succeeds at a different scale than corporate marketing. Success start with a viable value proposition and continues with sales and customer service to wind the first satisfied customers. There's a startup strategy that work well... we help you identify solutions scaled for small business and startups.
Supplier Policies for Green Marketing Supplier policies for green marketing affect the money flow - effective green and sustainable policies can affect entire supply chain improvements for global competitiveness and effective green economy transition.
Supply Chain & Green Marketing Supply chain management & green marketing can be natural systems of sharing information stories about the stakeholders in a market community. Storytelling requires both supply chain stories and credibility based on the sustainable system and progress reports.
Corporate Social Responsibility for Marketing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves marketing with strategic planning, messaging, and crisis management -- or risk management strategies.
Green Tradeshows & Expos Green Tradeshows & Expos are exploring new ways to connect people and information. Internet broadcasting of events and virtual tradeshows are a couple of the new media approaches to tradeshows and expos.
Green Transportation Green transportation minimizes miles in the supply chain, minimizes emissions, used renewable zero-emission vehicles and optimizes routes, etc. to reduce climate change heat, air pollutants and emissions.
Transportation Transportation for more sustainable communities include emissions reduction, reduction in vehicular transport in favor of a walkable city system, and optimized deployment and maintenance of small, medium and heavy duty vehicles and their infrastructure.
USDA labeling USDA labeling of green products includes "certified organic" for agricultural products and their chain of custody. The USDA also regulates labeling and nutrition standards for food products and dietary health.
Video for Green Messaging Streaming video is finding a wide range of new applications for business, training, community building and personal expression.
Wholesale & Green Marketing Wholesale Green Marketing will eventually be "business as usual" but in the meantime we need to identify legitimate energy efficiency, green chemistry, etc, and even social responsibility aspects to the products carried in a line of wholesale product lines. Our economy depends on valid information and systems to make our future better.
Solutions for Green Marketing for Small Business and Communities Solutions For Green Marketing provides tips and techniques about marketing value in developing a thriving green economy.
Governance and Sustainability Governance and sustainability are expanding the concept of business covenants from owner profits only, to sustainable stakeholder and community function. We provide trends, ideas and solutions for your consideration.
Investment in Green Investment in green can be stock investment, partnerships, collaboration allies, public-private ventures... or more direct investment in cogeneration, energy efficiency and reduction of health care costs with systems that promot healthier members of your community.
Authors & Thought Leaders Authors & thought leaders identify trends, explain research, and gather solutions for systems that can improve business and community systems -- and we connect you with these ideas.
4Ps of Marketing Strategy 4Ps of Marketing Strategy are Product, Price, Place and Promotion - and they have new definitions in the age of global Internet marketing / local marketing. We help sort out the trends and changes in traditional and trends.
Risk Management Risk management affects insurance costs, supply chain reliability, human health and safety, product safety, and sustainability of communities. Risk strategies are growing to meet climate change, resource scarcity, regulatory and marketplace changes.
GREEN MARKETING IDEAS from Green Marketing Thought Leaders Green marketing ideas are evolving as researchers and authors put new scientific and social data with business and community practices to create best practices. We highlight some of these thought leaders' ideas here for your own thought leadership development.
Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

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Solutions for Small Biz Solutions For Small Biz provides information on sustainable value in fast growth, local, startup and small scale business enterprises.
Agriculture Sector Small agriculture business sectors include family farms, agritourism, organic foods, local specialty foods, restaurants, and similar craftsman oriented agricultural businesses.
Business Facilities for Small Businesses Business Facilities for Small Businesses can be as small as a desk or as large as a factory complex, but facilities management for sustainable business includes energy efficiency, water conservation, ergonomic workspaces and compliance with regulations. We bring you information about these issues geared for small businesses.
Commercial Buildings Commercial building issues for small business include leasing, purchasing, operations, energy efficiency, and workspace productivity. We bring you small business solutions.
Communications Communication businesses include public relations, media, talent promotion, community organizing and similar community building business models. We help you find strategies and resources to build your small communications business.
Consulting Business Consulting businesses are often small, home based specialized businesses that work on retainer or by the project. Our Solutions for Small Biz Guides help consultants identify green and sustainability tactics useful for green business clients
Crafts Self employment as a crafts person lends itself to a small business sector enterprise. Craft products and services are diverse, but depend on worksmanship, quality materials and building relationships with customers for repeat business. Solutions for Small Biz Guides helps craftsmen build a sustainable business scaled for small business success.
Cultural Creatives Cultural creatives are the communication and storytelling visionaries in society. Solutions for Small Biz Guides helps cultural creatives develop marketing and management to fit a small but global business scale.
Farms and Small Agricultural Businesses Farms and Small Agricultural Businesses have small business opportunities in organic, agricultural tourism, local business and farm to city marketing. We bring you small business solutions.
Finance Small business finance is challenging in this economic climate -- but when isn't it! We provide you with financial ideas that fit a small business scale.
Food Service Businesses Food service businesses are often small, local businesses with a stable customer base. We provide insights into organic, green business and resources to support food service for restaurants, schools, institutions, and delivery services.
Grants & Funding Small business grants, loans and funding is always a challenge. Solutions for Small Biz Guides brings you information, connections and ideas for stretching your budget
Green Business Strategies Green business strategies scaled to small business are different than corporate solutions. We focus on small business strategies for sustainable growth and socially responsible management.
Green Tech Solutions Green tech is a new approach to technology that focuses on environmental improvements - lower emissions, non-toxic, recycling resources, sensors and governors, smart grid, etc. Small green technology businesses are in demand by cities and states, we bring you info about green tech opportunities and green economy connections.
Healthcare Businesses Healthcare is a personalized service that is well suited to small business models and with today's changes in the healthcare field, experienced healthcare professionals can find ways to develop a small business in green healthcare, therapy, healthcare support services or the innovative field of medical technology. We help you identify resources for a small business in healthcare.
Home Offices for Small Business Home Offices for Small Business can provide cost effective startup and professional workspace for many small businesses and home office technology makes it cost effective. We bring you options for home office solutions.
Home Office Equipment Home office equipment can provide productivity and leverage to scale the impact of a small business. Solutions for Small Biz Guides provides info on office equipment scaled for small business productivity.
Housing Businesses Small businesses provide many goods and services in the housing sector -- from architectural and interior design to plumbing to remodeling and repair to furnishings -- everyone needs a home, and specialists in housing can build a sustainable small business. But economies fluctuate, and we can help you identify resources for success in today's world.
How to Start a Green Business We provide tips and techniques to help our readers start a green business. We help you understand green careers, green jobs, environmental compliance regulations and the green marketplace.
How to Start a Small Business Solutions for Small Biz Guides provides tips, techniques and strategies to help you plan and start a small business.
Information Business Information businesses can provide computer based services or traditional publishing products and services. Information is critical to our society and small businesspeople can build sustainable services based on the talents, knowledge and skills needed to keep pace with regulations, entertainment, technology...or culture.
Live/Work Housing and Workspace Live/Work Housing and Workspace is cost effective and convenient for small businesses and startup creative, consulting and service businesses. We bring you multipurpose housing and home office solutions to optimize your work at home business operations.
Management for Small Businesses Management for Small Businesses is challenging with finance, sales, marketing strategy, customer support...and building a brand. Solutions for Small Biz Guides helps you with right sized solutions to help you grow your business.
Manufacturing Businesses Specialty manufacturing of parts, small items and technical design can be launched as a small business based on an entrepreneur's innovation and craftsmanship. We help you identify green, high performance and sustainable manufacturing practices scaled to the small business.
Marketing Marketing for small business includes sales, promotion, pricing and distribution. We bring you ideas and resources to market your products and services -- scaled to your small business.
Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofit businesses are still...businesses. Social entrepreneurship is a new way to cross commercial and charitable functions to build a sustainable community, and a sustainable small business. We help you identify resources for sustainable small nonprofits and social entrepreneurship enterprises.
Production for Small Businesses Production for small businesses includes product and service design, packaging, distribution metrics, sourcing raw materials and parts, equipment maintenance, and pricing for a profit. We help small businesses make sense of production in the green business marketplace.
Professional Services The personal services characteristic of professional services lend themselves to small business operations. From lawyer to hair dresser to engineer to writer or artist, professional consulting, coaching, representation and planning, we help you find resources scaled to the thriving small business.
Retail Business Small businesses in retail provide online, weekend, traveling or on-site merchandising of goods and services. We help retailers find green and sustainable sources and services to build a small scale retail business.
Small Biz Guide E-BOOKS Small Biz Guide E-BOOKS are coming! We'll bring you practical small business start-up and growth tips and techniques.
Small Biz Tactics Solutions for Small Biz Guides provides Small Biz Tactics for innovation, marketing, customer services and general management - all scaled for the small business.
Small Business Sectors Small businesses are found in every sector of business, from nonprofit to family businesses to corporations. Some sectors are more amenable to small business models and we help you connect with resources in your sector.
Social Entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship is a hybrid of NGO / nonprofit and commercial enterprise business models that uses social purpose as the mission and private enterprise and the method. Green and sustainable businesses are prone to social entrepreneurship biz models.
Technology Small businesses depend on technology for productivity and leverage. We help technology businesses and small businesses who use technology find green, sustainable solutions.

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